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Selected Reviews

Excerpts from The Detroiter, September, 2002

Cass corridor veteran Robert Sestok, sculptor, and painter, continues to create new life through art.

Excerpts from The Metro Times, "Cathedrals of Light," Glen Mannisto, July 10, 2002

Sestok was the quintessential Cass Corridor inventor.

Excerpts from The Detroit News, "Robert Sestok: a man for all mediums," Joy Hakanson Colby, May 17, 1987

Sestok was part of the Cass Corridor group of artists, who had studios on the edge of the Wayne State University campus and showed at the Willis Gallery in the early 1970s. Most of these artists have scattered to other cities. But Sestok still lives and works in the Cass Corridor area. Whatever his reasons for remaining in Detroit, his works says his decision was a wise one. Exhibits don't get much better than his current solo, in which everything he has done before come together.

Excerpts from The Detroit Free Press, "Industrial wreckage fuels Cass artists imaginations," Marsha Miro, Cranbrook Academy of Art, October 3, 1982

Sestok pushes and tugs at art history, finding new territory where the collages of Kurt Schwitters and the combines of Robert Rauschenberg left off.

Excerpts from The Detroit News, Joy Hakanson Colby, "Sums Greater than the Parts," November 6, 1977

Sestok is one of the most interesting artists in the metropolitan Detroit area and this solo is his best to date.


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